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Seahorse: Karlus and Braghn

Yes, I know; it sounds rather lame already, doesn't it?

Hello all, my pen name is Ligaya S. Amor and I have just recently joined this community. I have been experimenting with writing stories ever since I was 12; sadly years' have not exactly given me a good sense of creative writing as of yet in terms of stories, I believe, but I hope to improve in the years' to come.

I confess I have a motive; I would like people to read my works. So far I have only uploaded one complete story to my LJ ... which is undergoing some slight editing, I admit, so I would like to present the first section (I work in sections for this particular series, not chapters) of this story.

TITLE: Seahorse: Karlus and Braghn
GENRE: Fantasy
RATING: I have no idea, but there is death involved.
SUMMERY: I'm not good with blurbs, so here's a mock blurb (includes story banner and links to following sections).

Any comments are appreciated, even if you despise the piece (I admit this opening may not be inspiring), do say so. I only ask that if you continue reading through my journal do not take any of my ideas; I am handy with a bow and arrow.

Usual warnings aside, please let me know of anything that comes to your mind from my pieces. If you would like me to post any of the other sections here, please let me know. Thank you.

(Seahorse: Karlus and Braghn - I)
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