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Date:2010-12-02 19:17


This is a sci fi romantic thriller 

 Description: A global disaste3r, the Giant Devil, brings an end to the world. Survivors face the horrific natural disasters and tragedy that befalls earth. One man rises above and leads the people as they struggle to rebuild a new way of life. Will people destoy each other for power? Can they erase invisible borders and become one race - the human race?


GAINT DEVIL..here's a fast exiciting heady novel with fresh writing that has drive & exicitement from first page to last. An extraordinary tale with a basis in fact...fast readable &stunning keeping the hero & reader dangling right to the end. With the flavour of youth this story will stay with you long after u have turned the final page
a must read for alll fiction lovers available at all leading bookshevels
published by leadstart publishing ltd

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Date:2009-08-03 16:37
Subject:own way

I live with this anger that fills me inside
I long for my friend the one in which i confide

This anger eats at me
Makes me some one i do not want to be

In this life i have been condemned
For this eternity to spend

through all this i have been
At the time bearly a teen

My experience defines me
Makes me some one you do not like to see

You live by the saying out of sight out of mind
Which makes you blind

This is what i want to say
Ill find my own way.

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Date:2009-06-16 20:40
Subject:King Lear in Ancient Rome

Title: King Lear in Ancient Rome
Fandom: King Lear (Shakespearean Play)
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Emperor Lear of the Roman Empire has aged greatly over the years and his heart is getting weaker and weaker still. He will step down as emperor and split the land among his three daughters Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. How the land will be separated is up to them.They must carefully answer the important question asked by their father: "Who loves me the most?"
Disclaimer: I did not write the original King Lear, that was William Shakespeare as far as I know. I do not profit from this fiction. 
Warnings: Slight swearing, murder, suicide, slight self-multilation, death.
Author's note: I am taking Shakespearean Studies as a class for my senior year of high school. As a final exam, my teacher assigned (with a strict rubric) to somehow rewrite the play King Lear, our imagination being the only limitation with our creative processes, as long as we kept the main important events. I decided to have the play take place in Rome circa 200 B.C. after the second Punic War against Carthage. I am also taking Western Civilization and we learned in depth on Rome, so on top of online research, I had my own notes from class to reference. I wanted Lear to be an emperor, but also have the same governmental system of the early Roman Republic, so I combined the two. There may be some anachronisms, but hey, it is a work of fiction, remember. I can have whatever I want happen. I hope you enjoy.

On with the show

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Date:2009-04-01 16:30

Spring flower
April shower
before you I cower

Before 12 I'm cruel
After I'm the fool
Following the rule.


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Date:2007-08-14 23:37
Subject:Seahorse: Karlus and Braghn

Yes, I know; it sounds rather lame already, doesn't it?

Hello all, my pen name is Ligaya S. Amor and I have just recently joined this community. I have been experimenting with writing stories ever since I was 12; sadly years' have not exactly given me a good sense of creative writing as of yet in terms of stories, I believe, but I hope to improve in the years' to come.

I confess I have a motive; I would like people to read my works. So far I have only uploaded one complete story to my LJ ... which is undergoing some slight editing, I admit, so I would like to present the first section (I work in sections for this particular series, not chapters) of this story.

TITLE: Seahorse: Karlus and Braghn
GENRE: Fantasy
RATING: I have no idea, but there is death involved.
SUMMERY: I'm not good with blurbs, so here's a mock blurb (includes story banner and links to following sections).

Any comments are appreciated, even if you despise the piece (I admit this opening may not be inspiring), do say so. I only ask that if you continue reading through my journal do not take any of my ideas; I am handy with a bow and arrow.

Usual warnings aside, please let me know of anything that comes to your mind from my pieces. If you would like me to post any of the other sections here, please let me know. Thank you.

(Seahorse: Karlus and Braghn - I)

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Date:2007-05-25 12:59

it's one of my first experiences, so i'd be really interested in opinions, constructive criticism etc
it might seem to be 2 long though... oh, well...
and thanx beforehand)

the reasonCollapse )

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Date:2006-12-29 20:36

I am Michael and I'm mostly a writer of blurbs. Nothing I have ever attempted - writing-wise, mind you - has gone anywhere, really, except for this one time when I published a short novella. It's about a boy who finds a mute boy whose only means of communication is a piece of red chalk, and a sidewalk.

I'm not a really "conventional" writer, so be forewarned. I'm mostly here to read, because God (read: Allah, Yaweh, Khodai, &c.) knows I don't do nearly enough reading as I should, and also to network with fellow writers. If this is too much information for an intro post, I am very sorry. I'll cut to the chase. It's a pleasure meeting you, even though technically I haven't met anyone yet.

Here's something I wrote yesterday.

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Date:2006-10-10 21:50

The music appeared to have reached impossible volumes as the rolling beats reverberated through my body continuously. I hardly noticed how clammy and cold the wall was as my back pressed against it, I was too busy noticing all the new sensations my body was experiencing.

A minute ago I’d felt nothing except very slight nausea and the giddy happiness of good music, good venue and good company. Now the ground was rushing upwards at me as I rushed downwards to meet it, resulting in a strange but not exactly uncomfortable collision somewhere in the middle. Seconds later I was drawing in a deep breathe, this new air then seemed to rush to my lungs like nothing before. The air continued its journey through me, reaching from the tips of my ears to the ends of my toes, making me feel incredibly light, almost as if I wasn’t even touching the ground. I looked up at my friends with a smile on my face, for a moment there I’d shut out the noise and frenzy of the club. Now the sound of the bass in the music boomed through my head once again, was it possible it had become even louder than it had been a couple of minutes ago? I revelled at it vibrating through my body. It was 1am, I’d been at work all day and I couldn’t remember a time I’d felt more awake. I was fidgety, there was a rushing taking over my whole body, I stood enjoying it not trusting myself to move quite yet as I felt my face flushing and waves washing over me.

I leant against the wall and my boyfriend blew cool air over my face, just the sensation of the cool air tickling my skin felt amazing. I relaxed and let myself examine my surroundings as though I was seeing them for the first time that evening. The club ’Fabric’ in London must have been able to hold thousands, the place was huge, a maze of dark, smoky rooms, blinding lights, stairs and stages. Every tiny area of space occupied by a huge variety of tightly packed, hot sweaty bodies, waving arms and smiling faces. I couldn’t stop moving my leg in time with the music, it was infectious to do so. I licked my lips nervously, and then again, my eyes were darting everywhere, I felt anxious to get onto the dance floor as I squeezed my bottle of water. Still taking everything in I let myself be led by the hand, I felt steady now and the beats of the bass washed over me as I pushed my way through the crowd towards the centre of the mass.

The sea of people moving so fast all around me, bumping into me, jumping, bouncing in time with the beats. The usually claustrophobic hustle and bustle felt strangely companionable and I smiled at each new face. I felt fuelled, energised, I couldn’t have stood still if I’d wanted to. I had stopped feeling overwhelmed now and instead just felt a heady happiness, and boundless energy as I started to dance. The music was soaring through my body now and I was moving with it, I couldn’t stop thinking how incredible this felt. The lights flickering so fast, flashes of the scene before me illuminated on and off in what seemed a confusing but fascinating way. The crowd seemed to jolt jaggedly in time with the music between each flash of light. I focused closer by me, my boyfriend and friends enjoying themselves, knowing each of them felt as good as I did made me soar all the more.

Any nerves I may have had about the night had been long since banished by the surging energy and happiness in my veins. The night passed in a blur, hours feeling like just minutes. The last tune was announced, we had been non-stop all night and I didn’t want the music to end. I could vaguely feel my body starting to protest at my lack of sleep and my feet and legs telling me I was overdoing it.

As the lights flickered on and the music died, the harsh artificial light made me blink and I found myself looking at a wet, grubby, dance floor littered with bottles. Hundreds of sweaty, dishevelled bodies began making their way out with a varying amount of spring in their step. I was left shifting from foot to foot with a ringing still sounding through my head. The scene seemed somewhat of an anti-climax to the night, but I still had a spring in my step as I stepped out the warm club into the brisk early morning chill. I knew the memories of the pure ecstasy I had felt running through my body that night would linger with me for a very long time.

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Date:2006-09-10 01:21
Subject:dreaming of home

hollow echos
through my mind
whispering a sad old song

tonight i will dream once more
i shut my eyes
i go away, far away
scream and shout


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Date:2006-09-01 02:56

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Date:2006-08-22 12:11
Subject:I never finished this.

There may be typos and whatnot, so sorry about that... here lately i can only write a few pages until i have writers block. so i have about 10 of these short things that are unfinished around on this computer here at work.
Titled / saved as: Mel
author - me! Elizabeth Logue

i'm not even sure if i'm allowed to do this... but these are the only things i have left to show off my work...

here it is...Collapse )

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Date:2006-07-21 19:50
Subject:First Post ^^

Okay... this is my first post hope I did everything right....

Title: Meanings of Your Sillouette
Author: Raven 
Summary: David is the best in the business. Nobody has ever died on his watch... at least almost nobody. But things are going wrong, what started as a simple bodygaurd job protecting the popular Senator Harris has turned desperate. The assasines are closing in....

Disclaimer: PG-13 for adult subject matter, action violence, and harsh language. Questions/Comments/Suggestions/Ect?: Comment or email me at shadowcat2323@hotmail.com. Writing is still in manuscript form, once completed I will go back through and tune things up.

Enjoy and Please comment! I will have Chapter 2 up on my LJ very soon! =)

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Date:2006-06-30 15:00
Subject:Deep Within

Born from the ashes
of and old flame,

where wind had blown
the embers clean.

Fresh fuel had been left
to be sparked again.

No match was ever struck,
no bolt landed.

But the wind blew
easily over the coals.

Sparking another fire,
from deep within.

Where the flame,
had never died.

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Date:2006-06-22 01:54
Subject:This Side of the Fence

ci vi li za tion
in car na tion
rubbin' arms with god
laughin' at
his funny hat
don't ya think it's
kind of odd?

'how'd you get here?'
he asks
curlin' his black mustache
so i says
'six shots of vodka and
drivin' a bit too fast.'

lookin' down he chuckles
laughin' at my expense
'guess you thought you'd never end up on
this side of the fence.'

great flyin' buttresses
shootin' out from the church
constructed by countless citizens
without a thought to what they're worth
fail to find the affections
of the one seated in front of me
oh no his
three words of wisdom were
just 'let it be.'

.wav file of this song

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Date:2006-06-20 22:22
Subject:first post

Hello, new here...just something that I can't post anywhere else because it would break my heart if she knew...

My Best Friend Is Prettier Than MeCollapse )

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Date:2006-06-19 10:47

Outside my window today, I saw your movie. Behind screens and reels and fireflies and through the summer dust I saw the flicker and stared. I waited for your movie. A tear of smiles and frowns and pain ran down the edges of the screen, like the torn canvas at the Salvation Army, I told you Jesus made it. I saw my eyes and my lips and my nose in the film and like the raw skin under a fingernail ripped apart, stabbed, I hurt. Like the rusty tin man I stuck, I watched your movie and felt my fingers try to curl but all that fell was the bloody metal dust. I felt the sun die away without me and rot into the cars on the hill, but still your movie played. I tried to beg my apology, to the people who stared with me at the cheap horror with the wet on the edges. But the rust just allowed a breath, as the movie dimmed and cut to a still frozen me.

Any constructive criticism or insight is appreciated. :) This is cross-posted too. (hi, I'm new ^^)

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Date:2006-06-08 17:45
Subject:The Linus Effect

The Linus Effect

When you reach a certain age, tears become girlish. Weak. You only cry if you’re gay. As Linus carries his blanket and sucks his thumb, so your tears mark you.

You stop crying; you become a man.

You hide your vulnerability behind the heavy barrel of your gun, the thumb you once sucked on to chase away demons holds the weapon steady while you slay your demons and your conscience. And when the nightmares come you don’t cry either, you bury them in a flood of sensory overload as you hold your wife’s body close and hear her gasping into your ear. Her skin is slick with sweat and her damp hair brushes your neck.

When the sun rises and your son is dead, you don’t cry.

When the world doesn’t end and you come home alive, your wife has left you. The bitter liquid drowns your tears in a flood of empty bottles.

Despite your convictions and your desperations, you’re still a child inside, clutching helplessly at the Linus blanket, wrapping it tightly and guiltily around you in the dark where no one can see you. Afterall, you sleep alone these days.

In the fresh morning that smells of dew and a gentle mist, you remember the childish delight with which you loved fairy tales. But you are a man, and men are not made to love fairy tales.

Guilty pleasures when she smiles at you. When her eyes sparkle and she outwits you. When she explains something to you for the third time, but you understood before she started.

When you look at her and demands she thinks of something to save you. To save the world.

She saves the world every time without fail, and she is your safety.


I'm looking for some constructive Crit on this one - I'm not happy with the ending and don't know what else to do with it. Suggestions, advice and ANY comments would be appreciated, especially about the ending. Any other comments, feel free to leave them too!

I've x-posted to a few communities. Sorry for the spam.


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Date:2006-05-30 20:16

 Go Join this really awesome new writing community: le_scribblers

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Date:2006-05-26 20:52

Never have I uncovered
Such Cowards to send me
A letter concerning
Mankind’s greatest mystery.
So great that it’s even
Left virgin by Dickens
But oh, what a brainless
to sign it! Here! Chickens!

The egg or the chicken? they ask
What came first?
And quarrel about it
or think till they burst
How hard can it be?
If two fight then a third…
- and-so-on-and-so-on -
So under oath
I declare that it was
The Caterpillar
Preceding them both

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Date:2006-05-19 11:43

Once you've read "A home called love" please can you answer these questions and send me your replies:

1) Is there any changes you'd make? If yes what
2) Do you think the story is believable? Do you think it could happen?
3) What do you like about the story?
4) What do you dislike about it?

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