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King Lear in Ancient Rome

Title: King Lear in Ancient Rome
Fandom: King Lear (Shakespearean Play)
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Emperor Lear of the Roman Empire has aged greatly over the years and his heart is getting weaker and weaker still. He will step down as emperor and split the land among his three daughters Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. How the land will be separated is up to them.They must carefully answer the important question asked by their father: "Who loves me the most?"
Disclaimer: I did not write the original King Lear, that was William Shakespeare as far as I know. I do not profit from this fiction. 
Warnings: Slight swearing, murder, suicide, slight self-multilation, death.
Author's note: I am taking Shakespearean Studies as a class for my senior year of high school. As a final exam, my teacher assigned (with a strict rubric) to somehow rewrite the play King Lear, our imagination being the only limitation with our creative processes, as long as we kept the main important events. I decided to have the play take place in Rome circa 200 B.C. after the second Punic War against Carthage. I am also taking Western Civilization and we learned in depth on Rome, so on top of online research, I had my own notes from class to reference. I wanted Lear to be an emperor, but also have the same governmental system of the early Roman Republic, so I combined the two. There may be some anachronisms, but hey, it is a work of fiction, remember. I can have whatever I want happen. I hope you enjoy.

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