bord du rasoir (bord_du_rasoir) wrote in coffeehouseclub,
bord du rasoir

This Side of the Fence

ci vi li za tion
in car na tion
rubbin' arms with god
laughin' at
his funny hat
don't ya think it's
kind of odd?

'how'd you get here?'
he asks
curlin' his black mustache
so i says
'six shots of vodka and
drivin' a bit too fast.'

lookin' down he chuckles
laughin' at my expense
'guess you thought you'd never end up on
this side of the fence.'

great flyin' buttresses
shootin' out from the church
constructed by countless citizens
without a thought to what they're worth
fail to find the affections
of the one seated in front of me
oh no his
three words of wisdom were
just 'let it be.'

.wav file of this song
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